NASA and the Russian Academy of Sciences and other partners: NEESPI - Northern Eurasian Earth Science Partnership Initiative

NASA and the Russian Academy of Sciences are guiding the initial development, but multiple partners come from other U.S. agencies, other Russian ministries, the European Union, Japan, China, the Ukraine. 

Purpose, objectives, key priorities

To establish a large-scale, interdisciplinary program of funded research aimed at developing a better understanding of the interactions between the ecosystem, atmosphere, and human dynamics in northern Eurasia in support of international science programs with particular relevance to Global climate change research interests and government agency funding priorities. To develop a comprehensive understanding of the Northern Eurasian terrestrial ecosystem dynamics, biogeochemical cycles, surface energy and water cycles, and human activities and how they interact with and alter the biosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere of the Earth. 

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Funding schemes and instruments

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Data Fusion Grid Infrastructure; Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer in katabatic Winds over Glaciers and Ice Sheets; Land Cover Land Use Change Effects on Surface Water Quality; NELDA; Evaluation and Develoment of LDAS; Exacerbation of Flooding Response Due to Land Cover/Land Use Change; Extreme Precipitation Events; Comparative Studies on Carbon Dynamics in Disturbed Forset Ecosystems; Quantifying the Effects of Land Use Change on Carbon Budgest in the BSR     


NEESPI Project Manager
Dr. Mykola S. Zalogin
12A Bogdana Hmelnitskogo Str.
Kyiv 01030, Ukraine
Tel.: (+380-44) 280-8555

NEESPI-Ukraine Chief Scientist
Prof. Vadim I. Lyalko
CASRE, 55-B Oles Gonchar St., 01601, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel.: (+380-44) 486-9405

How to be involved ion NEESPI:
NEESPI Project Scientist
Pavel Groisman, PhD
National Climatic Data Center
151 Patton Avenue,
Asheville, NC 28801, USA
Tel.: 1-(828) 271-4347, Fax: 1-(828) 271-4328