INOGATE Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe - funded though ENPI European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument

Purpose, objectives, key priorities

international energy co-operation programme between the European Union, the littoral states of the Black & Caspian Seas and their neighbouring countries, which have agreed to work together toward achieving the following four major objectives:

  1. Converging energy markets on the basis of the principles of the EU internal energy market taking into account the particularities of the involved countries
  2. Enhancing energy security by addressing the issues of energy exports/imports, supply diversification, energy transit and energy demand
  3. Supporting sustainable energy development, including the development of energy efficiency, renewable energy and demand side management
  4. Attracting investment towards energy projects of common and regional interest.

Related sub-programmes or priority areas

*  Convergence of Energy Markets
*  Energy Security
*  Sustainable Development
*  Investment Attraction

Funding schemes, funding instruments

not specified

Rules for application, financial rules

not specified



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