Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013

Purpose, objectives, key priorities

The Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013 (hereafter Black Sea JOP) is a programme under the European Neighborhood & Partnership Instrument (ENPI) of the EU. It aims to contribute to: “a stronger and sustainable economic and social development of the regions of the Black Sea Basin”.

Related sub-programmes or priority areas

Priority 1: Supporting cross border partnerships for economic and social development based on common resources 
Priority 2: Sharing resources and competencies for environmental protection and conservation 
Priority 3: Supporting cultural and educational networks for the establishment of a common cultural environment in the Basin

Funding schemes, funding instruments

  1. Integrated projects with different activities in several countries that jointly achieve a certain objective having a cross border impact;
  2. Symmetrical projects with the same activities in all countries participating in the project;
  3. Single projects, implemented mainly or entirely in a single partner-country but having a cross-border impact. 

Rules for application, financial rules 



Joint managing Authority (JMA) Ministry of Regional Development and Housing
Directorate for International Territorial Cooperation
12 Libertăţii Avenue
040129 Bucharest 5

Ms. Sorina CANEA
Programme Manager
Tel.: +40 372 111 309, +40 749 196 143, Fax: +40 372 111 456