INSC - Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation (from 2007 onward since it replaces the Tacis Nuclear Safety Programme) - funded though ENPI European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument

Purpose, objectives, key priorities

Instrument to support the promotion of a high level of nuclear safety, radiation protection and the application of efficient and effective safeguards of nuclear material in third countries.

Related sub-programmes or priority areas

Specific contracts cover the following domains of activity:

  • On-site assistance (OSA) aims to enhance the culture of safety at nuclear power plants in the NIS by improving operating conditions and through the surveillance of installations.
  • Design safety involves analysing major safety components of Soviet-designed reactors and formulating appropriate solutions for improving the nuclear safety features and operations.
  • Off-Site Emergency Preparedness (OSEP) refers to measures to protect the population and the environment in the event of a nuclear emergency following, or given a threat of, an accidental release of radioactive material.
  • Support to regulatory authorities involves transferring regulatory methodology, as well as developing an institutional and licensing framework for national regulators.
  • Nuclear waste/spent fuel and decommissioning aims to improve the management of radioactive waste and the decommissioning of potentially dangerous nuclear installations.
  • Safeguards and illicit trafficking prevention deals with the safeguards system improvement by introducing adequate accountancy and control of all nuclear materials, a key non-proliferation issue.

Funding schemes, funding instruments

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Rules for application, financial rules 


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