ENP European Neighborhood Policy - EU-UKR Action Plan

Purpose/ principle of the agreement

Ukraine and the European Union agreed to enter into intensified political, security, economic and cultural relations, including cross border co-operation. Its implementation will help fulfil the provisions in the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) as a valid basis for EU-Ukraine cooperation, and will encourage and support Ukraine’s objective of further integration into European economic and social structures.

Areas of cooperation

The European Neighbourhood Policy opens new partnership, economic integration and cooperation

Forms of cooperation (implemementing instruments)

not specified

Funding instrument / terms of funding

ENPI European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument; TACIS (till 2006), Tacis Nuclear Safety Programme (until January 1, 2007), Instrument for Nuclear Safety Co-operation (INSC) (from 2007 onwards), CBC Cross-Border Co-operation Programme; INOGATE Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe Programme

Connected programs

ENPI: National and Regional Action Programmes

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Additional or general information

http://ec.europa.eu/world/enp/index_en.htm ; http://ec.europa.eu/world/enp/welcome_en.htm