Agreement on cooperation in S&T between the EC and Ukraine (into force from 11/02/2003 and renewed on 8/11/2004)

Purpose/ principle of the agreement

"The programme's overall aim is to encourage, develop and facilitate cooperative activities in fields of common interest where the parties are pursuing research and development activities in science and technology. Cooperative activities shall be conducted on the basis of mutual benefit, timely exchange of information and balanced realisation of economic and social benefits by the Parties."

Areas of cooperation

Development (RTD) on the basis of mutual benefit.

Areas of cooperation activities are:

  • environment and climate research, including earth observation,
  • biomedical and health research,
  • agriculture, forestry and fisheries research,
  • industrial and production technologies,
  • materials research andmetrology,
  • non-nuclear energy,
  • transportation,
  • information society technologies,
  • social sciences research,
  • science and technology policy,
  • training and exchange of scientists.

Forms of cooperation (implemementing instruments)

Participation of Ukrainian entities in Community projects, in the areas of cooperative activities, and a reciprocal participation of entities establishedin the Community in Ukrainian projects in those areas; free access to, and shared use of research facilities, including installations and sites for monitoring, observation and experimentation, as well as data collections, relevant to the cooperative activities; visits and exchanges of scientists, engineers, or other appropriate personnel for the purposes of participating in seminars, symposia and workshops relevant to cooperation under this Agreement;  exchange of information on practices, legislation, regulations and programmes relevant to cooperation under this Agreement; other activities as may be mutually determined by the Parties in accordance with the applicable policies and programmes of the Parties. Moerover: Joint research projects shall proceed under this Agreement only after the participants in a project have concluded a joint technology management plan.

Funding instrument / terms of funding

Cooperative scientific and technological activities shall be subject to the availability of funds and to the applicable laws andregulations, policies and programmes of the Community and Ukraine. As a rule, each Party shall bear the costs of discharging its responsibilities under this Agreement, including costs of participation in meetings of the Committee.  When specific scientific andtechnological cooperative forms benefit from financial support of the European Community, either directly or indirectly through organisations set up with the participation of the European Community, provided to participants of Ukraine, any such grants, financial or other contributions from the European Community to participants of Ukraine in support of their scientific and technological activities, shall be granted tax andcustoms preferences. Any such grants shall be exempt by Ukraine from customs payments, any customs duties and fees, value added taxes, income taxes and any other taxes andd uties of an equivalent effect.

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